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Tampons were packed with their strings connecting them, like a strip of sausages, so they wouldn’t float away. Engineers asked Ride, “Is 100 the right number?” She would be in space for a week. “That would not be the right number,” she told them. At every turn, her difference was made clear to her. When it was announced Ride had been named to a space flight mission, her shuttle commander, Bob Crippen, who became a lifelong friend and colleague, introduced her as “undoubtedly the prettiest member of the crew.” At another press event, a reporter asked Ride how she would react to a problem on the shuttle: “Do you weep?”

Astronaut Sally Ride and the Burden of Being “The First” (via yahighway)

Whereas, my response to all that probably would have been more like “YOU ALL. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’RE IN FOR, YO.”

Which is likely why I was not the first woman in space. Or in space at all, actually.

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Men don’t appreciate the amount of self-control women have to exercise in order not to spend their entire lives face-palming.

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"Will 100 tampons be enough for a week?"

"Depends. How many do you plan on using?"

I would genuinely like to meet the engineer who believes that someone who has a period uses, at the very least, fourteen tampons a day.

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